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Maastoliikennelaki 1710_1995 - Ajantasainen lainsäädäntö - FINLEX ® ja sen soveltamisohje: Maastoliikennelaki Ohje 5 1991 Direktiv_YM YSO
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Investigation reports2023-07-05 21:57



Investigation reports


In Finland

different administrative agencies are urging forward an idea of constructing a nationwide network of snow scooter routes. These routes are regularized to be built by force without local inhabitants will and landowners approval. "Need for general connections" is widely used as an excuse. Then the basis of the need can be seen as social, over private yards, cattle farms and forestry areas.


For instance, in Eastern Savo it has been decided to pay 1,8 million euros for a snow scooter route project. So far this project has already cost ca. 1,5 million euros public funds.


In North-Eastern Savo visiting tourists do not support the task of building new snow scooter routes, which is proved in recent report (2012) of FCG Finnish Consulting Group.

FCG Finnish Consulting Group report / Dowload 



Less than 4 percent of tourists are willing to use different kind of safaris, including SnowScooter safaris as well as dog, horse and reindeer safaris and floating with hovercraft vessels and other motorized programs.


There is much more demand for sporting activities like downhill skiing, snowboarding and cross country skiing.




Some similarity in pollution Strategy forced by EU money in Finland:

NEW ENVIRONMENTAL Strategy in North-Savo, Finland


In Finland, in the North Savo, including e.g. Kuopio and Siilinjärvi, land and lake areas in small villages have been decided to build up for purposes of tourism - by making snow scooter routes in private land property without permission of landowners.


It has been decided to pay 1,8 million euros EU money for this small, local project from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).


The project is called "Vipuvoimaa EU:lta" ("Gearing from EU" ). According to a bulletin 24.2.2012 by theRegional Council of North Savo:


"Vipuvoimaa EU:lta" moottorikelkkailun edistämiseksi Pohjois-Savon liiton tiedotteen 2.4.2012 mukaan:

Kuopion, Siilinjärven ja Koillis-Savon moottorikelkkareitit virallistetaan.

Tavoitteena on rakentaa Koillis-Savoon uusia kelkkareittejä...


New snowscooter routes in Kuopio, Siilinjärvi and Northeastern Savo are regularized.

Task of the project is to build new snowmobile routes in Northeastern Savo…



MAAKUNTASUUNNITELMA 2030 - The Regional Scheme of North Savo 2030

POHJOIS-SAVON MAAKUNTASTRATEGIA - The Regional Strategy of North Savo

Download -> Lataa


Local inhabitants and landowners are not willing to give their land for promoting such kind of smelling, noisy and disturbing snowmobilehobby or safaris for tourists. Local people dont want to lose the peaceful nature near their homes, which is also a source of their livelihood.


Additionally, it has been cleared that Eastern part of Finland have received totally 350 million euros EU funds for "development of tourism infrastructure".


Most of those development projects concern the planning and building of snowmobile routes during 4-5 years. For this purpose some organizations in Finland have decided to rob private land property by making secret agreements about land use without counceling the landowners.


Some questions about these secret plans and agreements have been aroused:

- Where did this idea come from?

- Who are involved into these secret agreements?

- Are those persons also possibly involved with these secret agreements in some kind of corruption into the Snowmobile Factory in Rovaniemi (BRP Finland) project, because of which mix up several politicians are at the moment passing in judgements?


Senior Environmental Advisor Mr. Pekka Tuunanen in Ministry of the Environment in Finland has confessed to be the father of idea of the plan to construct a nationwide network of snow scooter routes. According to the plan there should be built at least 8 000 kilometres 6 metres wide snow scooter routes to cover whole Finland. In addition to this network there should be limitless amount of smaller routes. This cant happen without taking private land property by force.


Mr. Tuunanen says also:

In Finland, snow scooter routes can be built without landowners approval, if the route is necessary for general communications i.e. the basis of the need for a route can be seen as social.


"It has not been tested in court in which cases the need for a route is NOT social", says Tuunanen.


"Landowners may not like this idea, but I dont understand, what would be the pain, if a snow scooter route will run somewhere in private forest, because a snow scooter route is just a trace in snow between trees - that is a snow scooter route."

Download Video: "Just a trace in snow": >> http://video.elonmerkki.net/jalkilumessa.mov



Mr. Tuunanen has also prepared in Ministry of the Environment a new law proposal for off road traffic to make it easier to build snow scooter routes regardless of landowners will.





Tavoiteverkon vaihtoehto 1 Kuva 22.           Lataa   (Täysikokoinen kartta  YMra 3/2009 sivu: 39 )


Kartan kuvassa on mukana kattavammin myös eteläiseen Suomeen yksityisten maille


rakennettavaksi ajatellut moottorikelkkareitit.


   Tutkimuksen mukaan:  YMra 3/2009 Moottorikelkkaväylien tavoitteen mukaisella liikennöinnillä:  
     Pahimmillaan 1 km moottorikelkalla ajosta aiheutuvat päästöt ovat samaa luokkaa,
kuin henkilöautolla edestakaisin Suomen päästä päähän!  (TM 3/2006)    →  Lata



The Influence of Snowmobile Emissions on Air Quality and Human Health
Posted on September 13, 2007

Scenes of Yellowstone Park Rangers wearing gas masks brought national attention to snowmobile pollution….

- The effects of snowmobile emissions on health
- Hydrocarbons (HC)
- Carbon Monoxide (CO)
- Particulate Matter (PM)


- -

Winter Motor-Vehicle
EMISSIONS in Yellowstone National Park


Air-pollution emissions from offroad recreational vehicles have risen in national importance, even as
emissions from these vehicles have declined (1)...


Gary a. Bishop
Daniel a. BurGarD
Thomas r. DalTon
DonalD h. sTeDman
University of Denver
John D. ray
National Park service



Environmental Health News

Published by Environmental Health Sciences



Little snowmobiles can be big polluters in the Arctic
Air pollution in a remote Arctic community in Norway approaches levels seen in larger European towns due to the springtime use of snowmobiles. The pollution - specifically, chemicals called aromatic hydrocarbons - is 100 times higher during the spring snowmobile season than during the summer when only cars and large coal trucks are used in the remote area. Older snowmobiles with outdated, 2-stroke engines contribute the most to the excessive levels in the spring. Aromatic hydrocarbons result from incomplete fossil fuel combustion in vehicle engines.






Publisher: Norwegian Barents Secretariat

Snowmobiles cause severe pollution on Svalbard
The extensive use of snowsmobile in the town of Longyearbyen on the Arctic archipelago Svalbard causes air pollution that approaches levels seen in larger European towns...
By Trude Pettersen
June 25, 2009





Winter Motor-Vehicle Emissions in Yellowstone National Park

Environmental Science & Technology


2006 40 (8), pp 2505–2510


Abstract | PDF w/ Links | Hi-Res PDF





Atmospheric measurements of aromatic hydrocarbons in the Arctic town of Longyearbyen (Svalbard) show severe pollution from snowmobiles during winter and less serious emissions from road vehicles in summer.


Environ Sci Technol. 2009 Jul 1;43(13):4791-5.
Reimann S, Kallenborn R, Schmidbauer N.
SourceSwiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Testing and Research, Empa, Ueberlandstrasse 129, CH-8600 Duebendorf, Switzerland.


Norwegian Arctic Climate
Climate influencing emissions, scenarios and mitigation options at Svalbard
TA- 2552 2009


Severe Aromatic Hydrocarbon Pollution in the Arctic Town of Longyearbyen (Svalbard) Caused by Snowmobile Emissions


Related Content







[PDF]  Severe Aromatic Hydrocarbon Pollution in the Arctic Town of ...

Environ. Sci. Technol. 2009, 43, 4791-4795    Lataa


15 May 2009 - Pollution in the Arctic Town of. Longyearbyen (Svalbard) Caused by Snowmobile .... snowmobiles are frequently used for extensive tours in the ..
Received February 12, 2009.
Revised manuscript received April 21, 2009. Accepted April 28, 2009



Why You Must Ditch the Snowmobile

You probably guess that snowmobiles are bad for the environment. Here are the reasons why.

Snowmobiles would be totally sweet if it wasnt for the noise and the pollution. Did you know that one snowmobile--of a particular dubious type I suspect--operating for one hour may emit as much pollution as 100 cars do in the same amount of time? Thats a pretty good reason not to use one. Here are some other reasons.

1. Pollution
Snowmobiles generate a ton of CO2 emissions. Off-road vehicles are held to looser standards than regular cars and truck.

2. Health:
Snowmobiles can cause health problems to the riders and to those who have…

3. Animals and Nature:
Snowmobiles can disrupt the habitats of wintering animals. It can change the path of wild herd animals. Animals have it rough in the winter time…


More on Eco-Friendly Winter Fun
Your Cross Country Ski Trip
The 10 Best and Worst Ski Destinations for the Eco-Conscious Skier
Take a Dog Sled Tour






From a Yellowstone National Park that a decade ago looked, smelled and sounded more like a wild west race track…




Lue myös Suomen olosuhteissa suoritettu moottorikelkkojen päästömittaustesti, joka on julkaistu TM numerossa 3/2006 s. 66-67 otsikolla: "Hauskanpitoa huonolla omallatunnolla"   Lataa


Tämän kattavan testin voi myös tilata TM-arkistosta http://tekniikanmaailma.fi/arkisto/
Artikkelin mukaan mittauksissa on käytetty kolmea eri teknologiatasoa edustavaa kelkkaa. Perinteinen kaksitahtinen moottorikelkka, polttoainesuihkutuksella varustettu kaksitahtikelkka ja yhä enenevässä määrin markkinaosuutta kasvattava kelkkatyyppi, eli nelitahtinen.


Mittausten mukaan pahimmillaan moottorikelkan hiilivety- ja häkäpäästöt olivat yhden kilometrin (1km) matkalla samaa suuruusluokkaa, kuin auton vastaavat tuhannen kilometrin (1000 km) matkalla!

Polttoaineruiskutuksellakin varustettuun "puhtaan" 2-tahtikelkan hiilivetypäästöt (HC) olivat yli 1000-kertaiset autoon verrattuna.


Suomessa ei kelkkapäästöille ole tällä hetkellä mitään rajoja, mutta USA ja Kanada ovat niin suuri markkina-alue, että Suomessa myytävät kelkat täyttävät valtaosin EPA 2006, 2010 ja 2012 -normien mukaiset päästömääräykset.


The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

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Melun vaikutustutkimus

Aircraft Noise Characteristics and Metrics

Tutkimus lentokoneiden melusta ja sen tyypistä. Moottorikelkkamelusta ei ole tehty riittävää tutkimusta, jossa vastaavalla tavalla näkisi melun laadun.






Moottorikelkkoihin ja moottorikelkkailuun liittyviä tutkimusdokumennttejä/ artikkelita:


Moottorikelkkojen pakokaasupäästöt


Moottorikelkkojen pakokaasupäästöt-Ahmasalo





Moottorikelkkojen äänet ja päästöt

Moottorikelkkojen äänet ja päästöt TM_5-7_2011




Hauskanpitoa huonolla omallatunnolla


Hauskanpitoa huonolla omallatunnolla TM_2006_3




Turhaa riskinottoa








    Lieneekö edellä mainittuihin tapauksiin myötävaikuttanut TM kirjoituksessa  (TM 3/2006) päätelty moottorikelkkasafareilla virkistäytymisen varjopuoli:
Erityisesti safariajossa kelkalla ajavat joutuvat haistelemaan edellä kulkevien pakokaasuja(TM 3/2006)      Lataa


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Helvi Heinonen-Tanski

Department of Environmental Science
University of Eastern Finland
POB 1627, 70211 Kuopio, Finland



HS 14.12-15.12.2010 

HS 14.12-15.12.2010

Helvi Heinonen-Tanski ja Tom Nordman aiheesta: Maastoliikennereittien loppuhinta on tuntematon






Mother Nature needs care and Wishes Happy New Year !    Lataa


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